My name is Rachel and I love to make things. I am the owner operator of Once Upon A Garden Landscape Design. 

When I was younger if you asked me what I’d like to do, the answer would be, to be able to make stuff. I love creating things that are beautiful to look at, and I’ve found as I got older my appreciation for nature increasing greatly. On the other side, I very much appreciate harmony. Be that in the order and layout of my house or a gorgeous vista that calms my soul. 

When my youngest child was nearing the age of going to school I started to look around for my next adventure. I wanted it to be something that involved making/designing/creating something. It’s important to play to your strengths and interests. Also it needed to be able to work with the demands of my family. So I completed a Diploma of Landscape Design. 

I am an efficient, organised person. I love to know where I am heading. Where there is a well considered plan to follow, the results will be amazing. This especially applies to gardens. Not only does a professionally designed landscaping plan relieve you of the stress involved with your garden but it also saves you money, time, lowers the maintenance necessary and adds value to your house! I’ve been working in this field for a few years now and especially love the challenge of taking a bland and inefficient space and work with its quirks to come up with a design that will result in a relaxing, imaginative area that is also efficient and easy to maintain.