Before After These clients were doing up their house to stay there for the long haul. The backyard was dealt with first as it wasn’t doing what they needed it to do. One person wanted a greenhouse and the other a garden shed so we ended up with a gorgeous hybrid with a greenhouse at … Read more

Driveway Extension

Before After Driveway redesign. These clients were not happy with the layout of their existing driveway. The garden with pungas at the end of the drive came out too far and inhibited reversing from the carport. ‘They were also unsure what to do with the long narrow garden alongside the driveway and the area near … Read more

Blank Canvas

Before After These clients would normally spend their time and energy travelling but with Covid meaning that was no longer an option, they turned to their own landscaping. The backyard was in its original state with nothing to distract from the bare fence and the neighbours rooflines. The goal was to bring beauty and provide … Read more


After slope planting Before slope planting These clients were getting ready to have tenants and wanted a low maintenance plan that could be left alone. The place was rather overgrown to start with and access to the bottom needed to be included. The client built the steps and cleared the site and we did the … Read more

The Garden Edging saga Part 4

Cropped hedge

As I was the younger of the two of us, I took on the job of using the sledge hammer. It’s really heavy. Brilliant for smacking in stakes though. But at the end of the day when I was home, my forearms just ached like mad! I put deep heat on…..did nothing. When I was … Read more

The Garden Edging Saga part 3

mum and the edging

First thing was to put in string lines for both sides of the edging. My plan was to have a hedge as the boundary and I did consider just planting one without the edging, but all the professional designing training in me kept resisting the idea. Edging makes everything look smarter. It’s like a made … Read more

The Garden Edging Saga part 2


Anyway I had done the plan, so I priced the wood. I had talked to my dad beforehand to find out specific names of wood I needed H3 (H4, is treated wood for in ground, whereas H3 is treated for outside but H4 is more expensive so we went with H3) rough sawn 4 x … Read more

The Garden Edging Saga part 1

me and mum

Good morning! As promised here is my blog about my experience of installing the garden edging and hedging at our rental. For those of you who know Tim and I, you will know we are a bit of a DIY couple. We’ve done a lot to the various homes we have had. Although to be … Read more

The End of the Illusive Dream

Dream Home

This last year, 2015, as life got busier and busier, with our kids getting older and wanting to do more things in town and as my business grew, I found I had less physical time and mental energy to put into establishing and controlling our place.  There were times when I would be heading out … Read more

The Illusive Dream part 6

red outdoor bath

As we didn’t have an overall plan, this resulted in my launching into a variety of ideas.  Whilst a lot of these were good ideas, the fact was, they were not part of a cohesive look that we were aiming for. We didn’t have a cohesive look that we were aiming for and this was … Read more