The Garden Edging saga Part 4

Cropped hedge

As I was the younger of the two of us, I took on the job of using the sledge hammer. It’s really heavy. Brilliant for smacking in stakes though. But at the end of the day when I was home, my forearms just ached like mad! I put deep heat on…..did nothing. When I was … Read more

The Garden Edging Saga part 3

mum and the edging

First thing was to put in string lines for both sides of the edging. My plan was to have a hedge as the boundary and I did consider just planting one without the edging, but all the professional designing training in me kept resisting the idea. Edging makes everything look smarter. It’s like a made … Read more

The Garden Edging Saga part 2


Anyway I had done the plan, so I priced the wood. I had talked to my dad beforehand to find out specific names of wood I needed H3 (H4, is treated wood for in ground, whereas H3 is treated for outside but H4 is more expensive so we went with H3) rough sawn 4 x … Read more

The Garden Edging Saga part 1

me and mum

Good morning! As promised here is my blog about my experience of installing the garden edging and hedging at our rental. For those of you who know Tim and I, you will know we are a bit of a DIY couple. We’ve done a lot to the various homes we have had. Although to be … Read more

The End of the Illusive Dream

Dream Home

This last year, 2015, as life got busier and busier, with our kids getting older and wanting to do more things in town and as my business grew, I found I had less physical time and mental energy to put into establishing and controlling our place.  There were times when I would be heading out … Read more

The Illusive Dream part 6

red outdoor bath

As we didn’t have an overall plan, this resulted in my launching into a variety of ideas.  Whilst a lot of these were good ideas, the fact was, they were not part of a cohesive look that we were aiming for. We didn’t have a cohesive look that we were aiming for and this was … Read more

The Illusive Dream part 5

fencing orchard

I wanted an orchard. I loved the idea of the kids being able to pick their own fruit for lunch and having picnics beneath the fruit trees.  So we chose an area that received sun but when the fruit trees grew they wouldn’t be blocking any light to the house. This was to the left … Read more

The Illusive Dream part 4

Vege garden 2

I planted a vege garden almost straight away. I planted corn that was destined to live a very short life. This was due to the wind tunnels in our area. We were surrounded by hills and mountains and that created quite a successful wind tunnel. So a wind break in the form of hedge became … Read more

The Illusive Dream part 3


I’ve decided to take a bit longer with this blog topic, so this is not the last one. We learnt so much over this time. The act of relocating a house is amazing. I would definitely do it again. It’s something that should be considered by those that are budget lead. We are currently looking … Read more

The Illusive Dream part 2


There is a fair bit of project managing in a house relocation. Especially onto a rural site that was not that long ago a paddock. What that means is that there is no driveway, no clothesline, no fences (section was 5000m2). So all these things had to be thought about. We moved our clothesline 3 … Read more