We provide four main services.

(1) Concepts plans
(2) Planting plans
(3) Garden Implementation
(4) One-off Garden Consultations

These services are available either individually or in the packages described further down this page.

Concept Plan
This includes an interview, where I find out as much as possible about what you are wanting from your property, a Draft Concept Plan (my initial plan, where we both go over it and discuss any changes that may need to be made), a Final Concept Plan (this finalises all the shapes for the garden, decking, paths and paving etc.).

Planting Plan
The Concept Plan but with specified plants, stating which specific plant and where to plant them. Included in the Planting Plan is a bound Plant Directory booklet which is a final list of all the plants we recommend for your space, where you can purchase them, how far apart they should be planted and how to care for them.

Garden Installation
Should it be required, I am able to install your garden for you, or assist you in gathering the necessary tradespeople for the job, e.g., builders, arborists etc.

One Off Garden Consultation
These clients are looking for an informal chat as we walk around their garden. I will provide many suggestions and plant options. We’ll talk about what they are looking for in their garden and I’ll give them direction and some structure for their future plans. I’ll be writing recommendations down and they always have the option of getting me back for another consultation if needed.


Full Design Package
This includes a Concept Plan, Planting Plan and Garden Installation

Concept and Planting Plan Package
This suits clients who have a dream for their property. They may have budget constraints but see the value of having their landscape professionally designed. They are prepared to undertake the garden installation themselves, as their time and budget allows.  This package includes concept and planting plans.

Concept Plan Package
These clients are confident in their plant knowledge and therefore only require a Concept Plan (layout and shapes of the garden to be designed).

The Concept Plan suggests types of plants in the different areas of the garden, e.g. “Shade-loving plants”. These clients are happy to take that description and select their own plants within that criteria.

Lemon and Lavender Planting