Why should I work with a garden or landscape designer?

Working with a designer saves you time and money. While there is the initial cost of the plan, once you have that, you have direction for your garden. A trained landscape designer thinks of things you don’t. They know what makes a property run smoothly and reduces the maintenance load.

A landscape designer will save you time and money in wrongly placed plants and ones not suited to growing in your area.

A landscape designer will enhance your property from something ordinary to something rather special and encourages you to live outdoors more.

Do you have a particular style of design?

Of course I have my preferences like everyone, but as a designer my job is to listen to what you are saying about your desires and your lifestyle.

A property’s garden and landscaping should work in with your life and demands and should be a pleasure not an extra workload.

So I would design a garden that suits your tastes and preferences while also ensuring the garden can be maintained according to the owner’s capabilities and time allowance.

What if I want to do the work myself?

That’s great! There is no reason why you can’t do the planting or do what you can and employ someone to do the pieces you can’t. I will put together an order of events for you to follow.

I can recommend builders for you to get quotes from. I have a list of landscape suppliers and nurseries from where you can get great deals.

The plan is designed to be able to be followed by clients. I am available for any queries you may have regarding the plan and a free site visit is included after the plan has been finalised to sort any issues you may have.

What if I need to build the garden in stages?

That is one of the best reasons for a professional plan.

If you have a designed plan to follow, whenever you have the time and money, you simply look at the plan and see what can be done next. This direction saves you a lot of money buying wrong and unsuitable plants, and also saves you time and mental energy wondering what to do next in your garden.

If it a new build you are undertaking, having a plan from the beginning, means you are in a position to sort the landscaping while you have any earth moving vehicles on site.

Hedges and borders can take a while to get established so if you plant them early on in the build (check no large vehicles will be crossing before planting) then your whole property grows together, and you don’t end up with a gorgeous but bare house while the landscaping gets underway.