The Garden Edging Saga part 1

Good morning!

As promised here is my blog about my experience of installing the garden edging and hedging at our rental.

For those of you who know Tim and I, you will know we are a bit of a DIY couple. We’ve done a lot to the various homes we have had. Although to be more accurate about it, we do have our individual strengths when it comes to DIY. Installing hardscaping, for instance, Tim has definitely taken the lead. I mostly smile and nod encouragingly while he’s figuring out how much wood etc. he’ll need for various jobs. Then I help where I can on the physical side. (When we were putting in our garage, we had a sand pad down and the footings needed to be dug. I got the quote, which resulted in us doing it ourselves.  So after work each day, Tim would dig as much as he could before it got too dark. I went to help once and it took me about 20 mins to dig a 5 cm deep hole. Compacted sand is really hard to dig in!!)

Anyway, that sets the scene for how we work. I do a fair portion of the painting because I don’t hate it, whereas Tim does. He would do most of the prep because I’m a tad casual in that sort of thing. When it comes to gardening, that’s mostly on me but garden edging, of the wooden variety now that would definitely be Tim. I learnt to wallpaper and we both put down the laminate flooring. Thankfully neither of us has learnt to tile yet.

We had edged our previous driveway in much the same way as I was planning to do here. Again, my role was mostly that of the lackey. I tried to dig the edges but as it had been a gravel drive with very undefined edges, the digging was into a rock/dirt combo that required a really long crow bar to break up. So Tim did most of the work by far.

But this year, things are different. We have moved out of that place with the gorgeously edged driveway. (I’m sure the new owners don’t stare at the driveway thinking ‘what a piece of beauty”)

This year Tim is really busy and does not have the time to do things like garden edging at our new rental. So I put forward the concept of me taking control of the whole job. I was amazed at the resistance from him at this prospect. His thought was that there was no need to rush.

I disagreed. The property is on a corner and there was no clear boundary between the berm and the property, so while there was a large expanse of lawn, no one would use it as it was super exposed to everyone who walked by. The house looked like it had been plonked down and left. One thing landscaping and a garden does to a house is ground it. If you look around your neighbourhood and you see a house without landscaping it looks spartan. My thought is that in x amount of years we are going to want to sell this place and I plan to do the gardens up within that time and there would be considerable value added. This starts with a hedge on the 2 exposed sides of the property. Hedges take time to grow, they are not as instant as a fence but they can be less expensive and they are a softer look which was what I wanted. Hence my thought that there WAS a rush as I wanted the hedges in well before summer. They would have plenty of time to get well watered, somewhat established before the dry summer months.

Among Tim’s comments whenever I bought up the subject of putting in the hedges were ones like “I don’t want to have to redo it!” Blimey! I was most unimpressed. It’s not like I have never assisted in a job like this. As my mum said when we were finally on the job “it’s not rocket science is it?”

Anyway in the face of huge resistance, I told Tim that he is actually not in a position to do the job himself due to his busyness so he will just have to trust me, trust that I can do it. I was rather annoyed to say the least.

One of Tim’s concerns of me doing the job is that my co-worker was my mother. We have similar genes and this was the problem. Dad said he understood Tim’s concerns and had them himself for 40+ years now. Blimey. Men. We are a tad over confident at times, although, I have learnt NOT to say to dad, ‘how hard can it be?’ but in this case I was completely correct. It was a big job, but not tricky if you get the differentiation.



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