The Garden Edging Saga part 2

Anyway I had done the plan, so I priced the wood. I had talked to my dad beforehand to find out specific names of wood I needed H3 (H4, is treated wood for in ground, whereas H3 is treated for outside but H4 is more expensive so we went with H3) rough sawn 4 x 2 (size 150mm x 50mm) 6m lengths. I had thought of using 3 x 1 which is considerably skinnier but I liked the more solid look. I bought stakes $1.18 each, needed to put them approx. 1m – 1200m apart.

So I gingerly drove to Bunnings with the trailer on (am a rather novice trailer driver, can only go forward, another one of Tim’s domains) and with the help of a fantastic salesman Jethro, I bought 14 x 6m lengths of H3 rough sawn 4 x 2. A packet of jolt head, galvanised, 75ml nails, 60 stakes to start with, needed another 19 to complete the job. Bought a second string line.

Then went to mum and dads to get: measuring tape, a hand saw and a second spade.

(Dad gave me his older hand saw, not the new one, in case I cut myself! Blimey. These men and their lack of faith. I used the older one, and it took me nearly 10 mins to not even cut through one piece, so I rung dad saying I needed his drop saw. To his credit he did drop off the drop saw (Tim had shown me how to use it last year) and his new hand saw, with which I cut the wood in less than a minute! Don’t take the older blunt saw Ladies! I’m going to buy my own one.)

I already had 2 string lines, and one spades and gloves. I had a hammer, that my dad had given me over 10 years ago but I needed dad’s sledge hammer for knocking in the stakes. Fathers, buy your daughters a hammer. (An age dependent gift I know). I have had this one for years and I love it that dad gave me one as well as the boys.

Dad had a great tip, instead of hammering in stakes to attach string lines too or a nail, use 4 screwdrivers, and tie the string line to the screwdriver then stick into the ground. Much simpler, so I will take that tip with me.

So finally we were once on site with all the necessary equipment plus coffee and chocolate. Mum and I had great time doing the job. We’d start the day with a break. Sitting on back step with coffee and chocolate.


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