The Garden Edging Saga part 3

First thing was to put in string lines for both sides of the edging. My plan was to have a hedge as the boundary and I did consider just planting one without the edging, but all the professional designing training in me kept resisting the idea. Edging makes everything look smarter. It’s like a made bed in a messy room. It lifts the game. And once it’s in, it’s in. So, people, take the time to put in garden edging. There are all sorts of edging. At our last place I had bought bricks from trademe and dug them in. In this case, I didn’t have the time to collect a heap of bricks and the look we were going for wasn’t bricks.

So we started with the tricky smaller areas which is when I discovered that dad’s older handsaw was not up to the job of sawing quickly through my 4 x 2. When he dropped off the new one, it cut like a song! Saved heaps of time. We were using the trailer, (parked on the side of the road not on the driveway due to my lack of ability to back a trailer) as a work bench, so was measuring and cutting with all the wood still on the trailer. The wood was rather heavy so we were working smart by trying to not carry unnecessarily. So we measured the first 2 pieces as we were edging both sides. Dug the trench out, working along the string lines. Then placed the edging correctly and after checking the straightness with a level, sledge hammered the stakes in. Then mum nailed through the stake into the edging. Dad had said to pre-nail into the stake but we found that doing this, the room we had to swing the hammer was severely limited as the opposite piece of edging got in the way, so mum went against dad’s recommendation and ‘made it her own’ and nailed after all in place on an angle. Perfect, we only wasted 1 nail in the whole job.



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