The Garden Edging saga Part 4

As I was the younger of the two of us, I took on the job of using the sledge hammer. It’s really heavy. Brilliant for smacking in stakes though. But at the end of the day when I was home, my forearms just ached like mad! I put deep heat on…..did nothing. When I was having a cup of tea, my arms were shaking and I needed two hands to hold the one cup. That night I went to bed, with my aching arms. I hadn’t experienced that degree of achiness before. Thankfully it was all gone in the morning, I did go to sleep telling Tim where the Voltarin was in case I couldn’t move in the morning though.

All in all, the job went really well. It took mum and I, 3 days, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri for maybe 4-5 hrs each day. Every day there was at least one torrential down pour, through which we would just carry on. My dad came by during one downpour that I’m sure involved hail and he stayed in the car and asked for the tool he needed. Mum’s comment was “he knows us well enough to not suggest we stop”.

It was exhausting work. Mostly, at this time of year the soil is nice and soft. Doing this in summer would be another story altogether. But the wood was long (6m) and the sledge hammer heavy (as previously mentioned) and I found instead of standing up and down it was easier to crawl along the trench so I got rather muddy. And wet. On the Thursday we stopped just in time for me to get girls from school and I was standing outside their class literally drenched through and getting rather cold.

On the Friday we finished the 7m angle (due to council easements) and I dropped off mum and went to buy the 60 Corokia Genty’s Green that I intended to plant asap. I was getting more confident with the trailer but still didn’t try any reversing.

I managed to plant (without rain this time) 15 while 2 of my girls were warming up for netball. Then the next day mum and dad met me and we planted the remaining 45. Again, it rained, really hard, only this time I wasn’t prepared and none of us had raincoats. It was suggested that we come back another day but I just needed this job done. I was sick of being entertainment for the neighbours.

I’m thrilled with how its turned out. I think Tim is pleasantly surprised and let’s hope he doesn’t suggest I’m not able to do things like that again.

I am stoked to confirm that all my ordering from my plans (wood and plants) was bang on. I had about a 30cm piece of wood left over as excess. So fantastic quantity surveying I must say.

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