The Illusive Dream

Welcome to my first ever blog! The goal/theory is that this will be a fortnightly event.
I’ve been wondering for a while what topic I could write about that might be of interest to others. The one that I’m going to go with is: The illusive dream.

What I am meaning is this, my husband and I have a goal book, instigated by me, a firstborn child who likes/needs to know what direction we are heading in. So with these tendencies in mind I every now and then get out the goal book and we write some goals. Once you’ve had the book for a number of years you are in the lovely position to be able to tick some of the goals. Some you cross out because they are no longer relevant.

Our first set of goals was to buy a house. We wrote what sort of house we wanted, how many bedrooms… blah blah blah. This we managed to achieve and then as we had 2 more children at that house (not on the goal list) we wrote again in the goal book that we wanted some LAND.

This is the dream I was referring to earlier. It’s a very romantic dream. To have a plot of land, that is bigger than a town site. We wanted to have a really big veggie garden, I wanted to grow most of our food, be sustainable. I think Tim wanted to have our own cows for meat. He also discussed milking the cows and making our own cheese! We talked bee hives…, there were conversations about pigs… we already had chickens so they were just included in the overall picture of the DREAM.

We sold our house in town, moved in with my brother’s family (there were 6 of us and at the time 5 of them) for 5 months. Over this time, we found a rural section, next to a primary school and looked for a house to relocate. This was rather exciting. It was pretty stressful, but we had already done a fair bit of renovations in our previous house so we felt it was something we could handle.

(you’ll have to wait a fortnight to find out how we went…check back in two weeks)


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