The Illusive Dream part 2

There is a fair bit of project managing in a house relocation. Especially onto a rural site that was not that long ago a paddock. What that means is that there is no driveway, no clothesline, no fences (section was 5000m2). So all these things had to be thought about. We moved our clothesline 3 times.

Then there is the septic system and water tank to price and the day of the installation I was on site by myself (without Tim) and there were maybe 5 large trucks, perhaps 20 men and a huge crane from which my 27,000 litre water tank was dangling as they remote controlled it into the large hole.

It was rather overwhelming to realise that all these men and trucks are here at our doing and we were paying all the bills for this event.

Anyway, the water, power, sewage, drive, etc. all got put in, hedges were planted and we moved in one month after the house landed. I felt straight away that we had moved in at least a week too soon but we got through that.

The plan was to have stayed there a lot longer than that but job circumstances meant we left just after 4 years.

Now looking back, it was a lot of work. We painted the house within a few months of moving in as was the council’s decree, then extended and had to somewhat start all over again with the building, painting etc.

The day we finally got building consent, I think I cried. It was such a long process.

What I’m meaning to say is that we had the dream. We wanted the land, cows…..we discovered that a cow will drink approx. a bath tub of water a DAY! So that ruled out cows as we were on tank water only. Lamas, we considered, but have you seen documentaries on how they are shorn?? Lambs, we looked at too, only we had room for only 3-4 and still had to figure out how to shear that small number and dags etc., so that got put in too hard basket. In the end our paddock mostly was used by the neighbour to feed her cows.  Jack had a motorbike for a while so the paddock did get use for more than the cows. We had baby goats for a year, chickens, and a duck for a very short period of time.


Next time, you’ll get the final segment of the tale of our chasing this dream. I love this dream. I still have it and every now and then I’ll be seeing someone that looked like us and I want to chase it again.

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