The Illusive Dream part 3

I’ve decided to take a bit longer with this blog topic, so this is not the last one. We learnt so much over this time.

The act of relocating a house is amazing. I would definitely do it again. It’s something that should be considered by those that are budget lead. We are currently looking for a place to buy as a rental and we have considered buying land and relocating, but in our present situation we do not have the time (and energy?) to do this, but down the line when looking for our own place again I would definitely  give relocating strong consideration.

Relocating as we did gave us the opportunity to get onto some land. We had looked around for existing houses on an acre for sale. We found that the only one that came within coo-ee of our budget had no indoor-outdoor flow and at that price there would have been no money for any improvements or ‘making it our own’ so the DIY route seemed the best option for us.

As Tim was working full time mainly it was me that project managed the whole thing. Having done it once, and if doing it again, the main thing we have both agreed on that we would do differently is to have an overall plan for the property. I had just begun my Landscape Design studies just before we sold our house in town and moved in with my brother’s family.

We had to decide on the driveway placement pretty early on as the trucks won’t drive onto the paddock with the house on board. So we just did a straight one from the road. We placed the house well back (40m) from road but I think in hindsight we should have looked at curving it. This would have broken up the starkness of the long straight line, added some visual interest and  given a better view from inside the house.

I got some great tips from a friend’s father. To plant evergreen trees on south side of driveway and deciduous ones on the north side. This means that in winter the deciduous trees have lost their leaves and won’t be blocking sun onto the drive way, enabling it to dry out and not be a wet area. When planting trees, always consider whether they keep their leaves (evergreen) or are deciduous (lose their leaves in winter) and then consider the sun’s position. You may not want to place an evergreen tree that will block sun into your backyard. While this may be preferable in summer, it won’t be in winter, so instead plant a deciduous tree. The leaves will block sun in summer and provide much needed shade and in winter it will allow sun into your backyard.  Of course you need to consider where those leaves are all going so perhaps a deciduous tree over a pool isn’t a great idea, but you get my point.

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