The Illusive Dream part 4

I planted a vege garden almost straight away. I planted corn that was destined to live a very short life. This was due to the wind tunnels in our area. We were surrounded by hills and mountains and that created quite a successful wind tunnel. So a wind break in the form of hedge became a necessity if our garden was ever to be successful. My initial vege gardens were low and edged by ugly untreated wood. We were ‘doing it on the cheap’ to say the least.

At first I had a plan of 9 planters of equal size in 3 x 3 rows. We put weed mat down and then a thick layer of sawdust. This was less than ideal. It blew away easily and could also cause splinters. It was a rather cheap option though.

Once we decided to do the extension, I saw that the house would be too close to the Feijoa hedge that was coming along nicely as a wind break. So I had to make the heart wrenching decision to dig up a row of feijoa hedging and move them back 1.5m. Sometime you have to think long term, and just do it. It pained me and was gutting but this is what happens when you don’t have an overall plan for your site.

I also decided to bite the bullet and overhaul all the vege planters. I wanted something more permanent and a lot smarter looking. I bought specific 8 x 2 retaining wood from Bunnings and built three 1 x 4, plots and then two 1.5m x 1.5m boxes at the other end. I replaced the sawdust with Hokey Pokey small stones. This actually wasn’t the best idea. It looked great but I found it uncomfortable to walk on in bare feet. I would recommend pavers along the areas you’d walk and then the stones filling in the gaps.

In the middle of these was a large Rosemary plant and a dining table.  I wanted to be able to sit among my veges with a cup of tea. The long term plan was to build a pizza oven next to the rosemary bush, but in the meantime we had a wee pot belly that Jack would cook sausages on with his mates.



Vege garden 1 Vege garden 2

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