The Illusive Dream part 6

As we didn’t have an overall plan, this resulted in my launching into a variety of ideas.  Whilst a lot of these were good ideas, the fact was, they were not part of a cohesive look that we were aiming for. We didn’t have a cohesive look that we were aiming for and this was the problem.

This lack of planning, resulted in so much time redoing things as I realised I wouldn’t be able to maintain that amount of gardening. I am living proof of the need for a plan. It saves you time, mental and physical energy and money. The final result of a planned property is a beautiful vista surrounding your place, that not only matches your lifestyle but as the garden grows and gets more established, so does the value of your property.

We have just bought a rental and in my opinion, it’s lack of landscaping keeps it from being a home. Currently there is no call to spend time outside. The placed doesn’t looked loved. I have already surveyed the place and have started doing a plan that is low maintenance for us and the tenants, but will add outdoor living and some warmth to the place.

Back to our rural property. One thing you can do when it is your place is add in some luxuries. I have always wanted a Pizza Oven and that was in the final plan but alas we moved before it could become a reality, but one luxury we did get was….an outdoor bath!!

While this may seem difficult, it is actually rather straight forward. Initially we had a cast iron one sitting in a stand. We would fill with the hose, light 2 old BBQ gas burners beneath the bath, put a cover on to keep the heat in and it would take about 40 mins to heat up. Then while you’re bathing you can keep the heat going if needed. (We had 2 wooden seat bases to sit on in bath as bottom of bath gets awfully hot!)

Having a bath outside, beneath the stars is a stunning experience. Although the placement of our first bath was less than ideal. It was in an alcove of the house with both walls having windows and frequently a kid would pop their head out checking if you needed anything…….great for first few times but hard to block out day when it keeps appearing! (the pic of this bath is amidst renovations, hence the building site look)

When we did the extension, as a reward we bought a claw foot bath for on the deck and had it plumbed in! No more waiting for 40 mins.  We also had portable screens so our one neighbour didn’t freak out.

These things are not terribly expensive, nor tricky to install, but they do take a bit of planning and time. But I tell you, there’s nothing like sitting in the bath, under the stars, at the end of the day…. And the kids love a hot outdoor bath in winter too! Especially in the rain.


first outdoor bath

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