These clients were doing up their house to stay there for the long haul.

The backyard was dealt with first as it wasn’t doing what they needed it to do. One person wanted a greenhouse and the other a garden shed so we ended up with a gorgeous hybrid with a greenhouse at the front and a second area for lawnmowers at the rear.

The existing vege gardens were on the lawn, making mowing a nuisance so I moved them into the garden to eliminate having to weed eat around them. I suggested plants that would provide some height to afford privacy from the neighbours on a higher site behind while staying contained in the garden.

The Utility area was an eyesore, being a catch all for a variety of items and as this area does not receive much light it was damp and dark with the grass struggling to grow. Now it is a functional yet attractive area that is really easy to maintain.

The front yard was looked at after the lockdown and while the roses were a nice traditional look they didn’t suit my client who wanted a more modern outlook. They also put in a fence to provide a boundary and wanted to soften the whole front area with more planting.

The result will be a contemporary look that is cohesive with the feel of the whole property inside and out and one that brings a smile to my clients face each time they come home.

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