We were unsure of where to go with our garden until Rachel came along and did a great plan for us and even though we haven’t done a lot of it yet, I feel that we can go at our own pace with the great plan and advice she gave us. If anyone out there needs a landscaping plan I highly recommend Rachel she has some great ideas and also works with what you want, especially for those non-gardeners like myself.

Jo Curin, Cambridge

We used Rachel from Once Upon A Garden Landscape Design to create a concept plan for our Playcentre outdoor area. We wanted to create magical spaces designed for 0-6 year olds on a limited budget. Rachel listened to all our ideas and created many spaces within our large outdoor area which will enhance creativity, encourage imaginative play and beautify the existing gardens with a low maintenance design. Rachel is approachable; customer focused; has a vast knowledge of plants and design ideas and will produce a plan that fits your needs.

Kate Manion, Cambridge Playcentre

Norm and I were at a loss as to where to start in our backyard and it was in danger of becoming a mismatch of trees, gardens and ideas that never really came together as one.  A consultation with Rachel was fantastic.  It gave us not only a starting point but a direction to follow and a picture of the final garden in our heads.  She understood what we were trying to achieve, had loads of ideas and masses of knowledge.  We would definitely recommend Once Upon A Garden to others.

Cheers, Leanne, Cambridge

Rachel is so easy to work with and she is really good at listening to what you’d like the garden to look like. I was super impressed with the plans and she even included a booklet showing all the plants and where to buys them. Awesome service!

Sharonn Miller Pirie

We really enjoyed working with Rachel to design a garden for us. Rachel was very approachable and open to incorporating our ideas into the plan. She worked efficiently with regular communication so we were kept informed during the whole process.
We would recommend Once Upon a Garden to anybody needing a landscape designer with flair and a passion for sustainability, plants and design 😀

Sue Kilgour

Rachel was brilliant. She walked in on a wet rainy day and was more than happy to wonder the garden and share her thoughts and ideas. Great advice. Thanks so much!

Andrea Douglas

Rachel did a fabulous job of preparing a garden plan for us for our new house build. She visited the site, did measurements and listened to our needs and wants for our garden.
We then had a functional structure to work towards in laying out the paths, moving soil etc, to get both functional and lovely outdoor spaces.

Meryl Strawbridge

Rachel worked alongside Cambridge Playcentre to design our outdoor area. She met with us countless times, listened to our requests and then designed a space that blended our ideas with children’s playground guidelines. Rachel is enthusiastic, has great plant knowledge and has loads of advice and ideas.

Kate Manion

Thanks Rachel for the inspirational chat that gave me a world of ideas for our back garden. Thanks for listening to my thoughts, but expanding on the simplicity of them to show me how much ‘MORE’ could be done. Great financial options for whatever price range a person may be in. You’re so lovely to deal with (and that quirky sense of humour!).

Shona Mackenzie

Rachel was easy to communicate with; she listened and interpreted our wish list, creating a concept plan we are excited by and can’t wait to start working on.

Raewyn Handcock

Rachel is friendly and enthusiastic. She listened to my thoughts and ideas for my garden and then gave great advise. Rachel offered awesome new ideas and generally made me feel excited and confident about the potential for my new garden. Thank you Rachel!

Annika Bishell MassageTherapist

Rachel, you are amazing! We love our the backyard plan and we’re having such a fun time implementing it bit by bit. We could have never done this ourselves! Money well spent. Thank you!

Emma-Louise Sinclair

Relaxed, realistic advice. Big picture vision and so easy to deal with.

Jenny O’Leary

I have worked with Rachel Strawbridge from Once Upon A Garden Landscape Design off and on for over a year now. I have found Rachel to be approachable and professional. She listens to what my client is after adn makes helpful, practical suggestions. Rachel completes the jobs, be they design or planting, within the time frame she had presented and to an excellent standard. I have already, and would not hesitate to recommend her again in the future.

George Stafford, Greenscape, Contemporary Landscape Products

Once Upon A Garden, Landscape Design and Rachel Strawbridge, were contacted by the school to design the garden areas at the front of our school. Rachel did a fantastic job. At the initial meetings about the concepts for the garden she ensured our ideas and thoughts formed the basis of the plans, whilst she included her own knowledge and expertise to improve and develop our concepts. All the while Rachel was conscious of budgetary constraints and adapted accordingly. Following that, she was involved in every step if we required her to be; from scouring materials in helping in the planting.We are rapt with the final design and the gardens that were created.Since then we have used Rachel’s knowledge in the other projects around the school such as a native playground area and physical challenge area. During this process she also worked with groups of children to develop the plan and then create the areas. The students loved the experience and were proud of what was created.I am sure we will be calling on Rachel’s expertise yet again in the future.

Wayne Donnellon, Principal, Roto-o-Rangi School

When we contacted Rachel from Once Upon A Garden, Landscape Design we were unsure what to expect. We found Rachel was so patient and knowledgeable. To have someone who is so well informed about plants and design made her an easy choice for us to use her skills.She was able to help us make the best use of our space and get the optimum from our garden.  Her ideas were really fresh and she inspired us to think outside the square.We would highly recommend Rachel to anyone needing to plan a new garden or for ideas to change or add to an existing one. Thank you Rachel, it’s been a pleasure to have you create our new outdoor living rooms. We wish you all the best for your future business.

John and Marlena

Rachel was amazing to work with. Professional but relaxed, friendly and really approachable. The packages and way she works with you was easy to understand and she really quickly gets a handle on what you need. We weren’t 100% sure what we wanted or needed exactly but had some ideas. We had gotten to a place where we kept talking in circles and wanted someone to just get us through to an actual plan while we were busy with other things. And Rachel was that someone. She worked with both of us to coax out our personal sense of style and personalities, and was really flexible with back and forth conversations until we found what we wanted. We’ve been left with a great set of garden plans, and a complete planting and care guide so we can do it ourselves, how and when it suits (time and budget). We have been super busy with other projects, so have only made some progress with the hard scaping and some tree transplanting so far. But it’s great to know the plan is there, ready for when we are. I’m looking forward to making it a reality and sending you the progress pics Rachel! Thanks for your help.

Shelley Urlich

Rachel was fabulous, I am not a gardener and remains to be seen if I ever will be one…However Rachel was able to listen to my thoughts, somehow draw up a plan based on the shambles in my head and give me choices and options to help me choose how my garden would look without me being completely overwhelmed and paralysed by the fear of doing the wrong thing. So I am about 2/3rds of the way through finishing Rachel’s design and it’s coming together really well. Rachel has armed me with all the resources I need to complete the job in my own time/budget. It does feel like I now have the confidence to finish my garden project and it’s all down to Rachel getting the design right for me to follow through. Thanks so much Rachel – great job.

Nicky Knowles

Rachel is super to work with, listens to the brief and keeps you on track. We needed guidance to modernise an awkward driveway, update the planting and create a safer entranceway. We have our own machinery so it needed to be achievable without contractors. It’s all coming together brilliantly, looking forward to planting soon and enjoying driving in and liking what I see!! Highly recommend Rachel.

Raewyn Risi